English Learners

English Learners in California. Most folk will think of Spanish speakers. However, what other languages are commonly spoken? Stories of immigration and changing demographics emerge when we view english learner populations over time.

A first step is to create a similar tableau viz as to the ethnicity post.

Here as the last time folks can select their school, or a county, or some other combination of breakout variables to see the top 15 languages spoken by english learners. Given the predominance of Spanish speakers this had to be put on a log-scale.

A second idea is to place colored dots on a map with a bit of jitter to visualize whereabouts these speakers reside and attend school.

A third thought is to create a language diversity index for every school to get a sense of where the most heterogeneous schools are and how they diversity may correlate with other factors.

Written on November 9, 2018